Mercedes and the three maxima of innovation

Peter Yared is a smart guy. Since he started writing games and utilities at age ten, he’s founded and sold multiple tech companies. Recently, he left his post as CTO of CBS Interactive to launch another one. Recently, Peter wrote about innovation on Techcrunch, specifically addressing the coming fight between upstart Tesla Motors and incumbent […]

Innovation, culture, and design: SCM’s Valerie Coulton

A month ago, Ben Yoskovitz and I visited Barcelona to run a Lean Analytics workshop for Schibsted Classified Media, one of the world’s largest classified publishers. We were initially contacted by Valerie Coulton, whose official title is Innovation Catalyst, about joining their worldwide meeting. Valerie and her team had read Lean Analytics, and wanted us […]

Unemployment is not a bad word

A few weeks ago, I met with a minister for economic development. I wanted to convince him that the world tomorrow would not be the world yesterday, only more so. I needed an example pulled from science fiction, but also credible. The stuff of both dreams and headlines. I settled on the self-driving car. Google’s […]


  pariah |pəˈrīə| noun 1 an outcast: they were treated as social pariahs. 2 historical a member of a low caste in southern India. ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Tamil paṛaiyar, plural of paṛaiyan ‘(hereditary) drummer,’ from paṛai ‘a drum’ (pariahs not being allowed to join in with a religious procession).